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We deliver on our goals and targets.

Flight info supplied as booked.

We offer end to end services and time bound guaranteed Door to Door delivery for our cargo.

Guidance on government regulations and requirements on Export and Import.

Why CWL.?
We deliver on our goals and targets
Flight information supplied as booked. If faced with an unexpected delay, due to any reason, we will immediately provide you with updated alternative routing.
Pre-advice fax and e-mail to you as well as to the final consignee (unless otherwise instructed) each time a shipment is advised. Pre-advises are designed to suit the specific needs of our customer. Routine formats are set up for communication to predetermined clients. We can simultaneously alter or re-direct specific pre-alerts for individual shipments.
Shipment tracking with the carriers the morning after the cargo departs; providing you with on-board information by 10:00 am the same day.
Arrival information from our destination office immediately reported upon receipt
Customized reports to suit our customer's requirements are standard; for any period of time and as often as necessary.
In the unlikely event of a problem, you will be the first to know. Reacting fast and efficiently is our strength.


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